Itohkyuemon "Chocolat Collection 2022"

Kyuemon Ito, Uji, Kyoto, has started accepting reservations for "Chocolate Collection 2022," which is made from nine types of chocolate with different flavors. The online shop will start shipping from January 14th, and the actual stores will start selling from January 24th.

"Chocolate Collection 2022" is a chocolate gift that combines "Uji Matcha" and "Uji Hojicha" with nine types of ingredients such as sesame, yuzu, cherry blossoms, and Japanese pepper. "6 types" and "9 types" are available, which are easy to use not only for Valentine's Day and White Day but also for winter gifts. The package is based on the motif of a tea plantation and a scene of time passing slowly.

Matcha chocolate x sesame matcha

Matcha ganache is combined with fragrant sesame and coated with matcha chocolate. The texture of Fiantine is an accent.

Milk chocolate x matcha

Milk chocolate is coated on matcha ganache with vodka. The top surface is decorated with the Uji matcha logo.

Matcha chocolate x yuzu matcha

Matcha ganache with refreshing yuzu is coated with matcha chocolate. I treated the gold leaf gorgeously.

Bitter chocolate x roasted green tea & hazelnuts

Hojicha ganache with hazelnut paste coated with bitter chocolate. I treated the pattern that imaged the tea leaves.

Matcha chocolate x strawberry fiantine

Strawberry crunch chocolate coated with matcha chocolate. The strawberry topping is a cute accent.

Bitter chocolate x roasted green tea

Hojicha ganache coated with bitter chocolate. The surface is treated with silver foil.

Matcha chocolate x strong matcha (limited to 9 types)

Matcha chocolate is coated on matcha ganache using dark tea matcha with vodka. I treated Tencha.

Bitter chocolate x Sansho matcha (limited to 9 types)

Matcha ganache with fragrant Japanese pepper is coated with bitter chocolate. A new taste that combines Japanese ingredients.

Matcha chocolate x Sakura matcha (limited to 9 types)

Matcha chocolate is coated on the matcha ganache that spreads the flavor of cherry blossoms softly. The fragrant taste is attractive.

Prices range from 1,990 yen to 2,160 yen for 6 types (tax included, same below), and 3,240 yen to 4,200 yen for 9 types. Prices vary depending on the online shop and physical store. 9 kinds of online shop are included in the shipping price.