Shiseido Parlor "Valentine Collection 2022"

"Valentine Collection 2022" will be released on January 15, 2022 at Shiseido Parlor. Available at Shiseido Parlor stores and online shops nationwide, mainly department stores.

Shiseido Parlor "Valentine Collection 2022"

The theme for Valentine in 2022 is "Flower Garden on Valentine Street". The rich world view of the fruit flower field on Valentine's Street spreads in the package.

Le Chocolat

A bonbon chocolate for adults that matches fruit and sake. It is finished in a deep and rich taste.

Strawberry: A red diamond shape with strawberry brandy scented strawberry ganash wrapped in white chocolate.
Apple: Inside the bright red heart milk chocolate is an apple ganash flavored with Calvados, an apple liquor.
Fig: A truffle chocolate wrapped in fig ganash. The flavors of port wine and cognac are effective.
Yuzu: A truffle chocolate made by gently wrapping Yuzu's ganash, which has a scent of sake, in sweet chocolate.
White peach: Feather-shaped white chocolate. A slightly rosé wine-flavored white peach ganash is trapped.

Shiseido Parlor "Le Chocolat"

The price is 2 pieces (1 each for apple and apple) 594 yen, 5 pieces (1 each for apple, fig, strawberry, strawberry, and yuzu) 1,485 yen, 9 pieces (2 each for fig, strawberry, yuzu, and white peach)・ One apple) 2,592 yen (tax included, same below).

Carre chocolate

Chocolat with a rich scent. It is gorgeously finished with nuts, dried fruits and transfer design.

Sweet: Smooth sweet chocolate with refreshing dried lemon and pistachios.
Milk: A tropical flavor of milk chocolate with dried mango and almonds.
White: White chocolate is matched with sweet and sour dried strawberries and dried framboise.
Ruby: A vivid color ruby chocolate with a rose flavor.
Caramel: The mellow flavor of caramel chocolate melts on your tongue.

Shiseido Parlor "Care Chocolat"

The price is 5 pieces (sweet, milk, white, ruby, caramel 1 piece each) 999 yen, 10 pieces (sweet, milk, caramel 2 pieces each, white 3 pieces, ruby 1 piece) 1,998 yen.

Millefeuille 6 pieces

A crispy, crispy and fragrant pie. Contains "hazelnuts", a pie sandwiched with hazelnut praline cream wrapped in sweet chocolate, and "almonds", a pie sandwiched with fragrant roasted almond cream wrapped in white chocolate. The price is 1,782 yen.

Shiseido Parlor "Mille-feuille 6 pieces"

Chocolat Varie 2022

A three-tiered box filled with limited chocolate. The upper row contains "Care Chocolat", the middle row contains "Le Chocolat", and the lower row contains "Roche". The price is 3,240 yen.

Shiseido Parlor "Chocolat Varie 2022"