Jolly Pasta "Zuwai Crab Bisque Cream"

The second "Kiln-grilled Cheese Pasta Fair" will be held at Jolly Pasta. As a fair menu, "Zuwai Crab Bisque Cream" will be available from January 6th to the end of February 2022. The selling price is 1,529 yen (tax included).

Zuwai crab bisque cream

At the Kama-yaki Cheese Pasta Fair, "Creamy Bolognese" and "Harimanada Oyster Thick Cream" have already appeared as the first, but Zuwai Crab Bisque Cream follows them.

A dish made as a way to enjoy a luxurious mood at the beginning of the year. The crab claws and flakes of the crab are placed on it, and the bisque sauce with condensed shrimp flavor and smoked scamorza cheese go well together.

"Refort (horseradish)" and "black pepper" are attached separately. If you eat while mixing each, you can enjoy the refreshing and spicy taste.

Scheduled to be sold at all 298 Jolly-Pasta stores. In addition, it is informed that only eat-in is handled and To go is not possible.