Ghana "Ghana Pink Chocolate"

"Ghana Pink Chocolate" will be released on January 4, 2022 from the melting "Ghana" series. The content is 45g (1.59oz), and the estimated price is around 151 yen (tax included).

Ghana pink chocolate

"Ghana Pink Chocolate" is a bright pink strawberry chocolate that looks only at this time of year. Strawberry powder is kneaded into Ghana white, and you can enjoy the milky feeling and sweet and sour strawberry taste that is typical of Ghana. Whether you eat it as it is or use it for handmade chocolate, you can make Valentine's Day delicious and cute. The package has a retro design that was well received last year.

Ghana Chocolate & Cookie Sandwich Love Strawberries

In addition, " Ghana Chocolate & Cookie Sandwich Koimi Ichigo " will also be on sale. It is a product that you can enjoy the taste of pink cookies, chocolate with strawberry chips, and strawberry ice cream. Check it out as well!

Why don't you enjoy the bright pink Ghana for Valentine's Day this year? When you see it, pick it up!