Lotteria "Ghana Cafe



hana Cafe" Lotteria will launch four winter-only "Ghana Cafe" menu items using Lotte's "Ghana Milk Chocolate" on November 17 (except at some stores).

Every year since 2010, Lotteria's original products using Lotte's "


Milk Chocolate" have been sold for a limited time and have been very popular. This year, under the title of "Ghana Cafe," the lineup includes four products that will allow customers to feel the arrival of winter a little earlier.

Ghana Milk Chocolate


"Ghana Milk Chocolate Pie" is a Lotteria original sweet with a crispy texture. It can be enjoyed easily in one hand.

Lotteria "Ghana Milk Chocolate Pie

The filling is made with Lotte's Ghana Milk Chocolate, which has the ideal balance of carefully selected cacao and smooth milk to melt in the mouth. The cocoa-infused pie crust is flavored with just the right amount of salt to enhance the sweetness. The price is 200 yen (10% tax included, same as below).



Milk Chocolate "Hot Ghana Milk Chocolate" is Lotteria's standard winter drink using Lotte's "Ghana Milk Chocolate. You can enjoy the aroma and rich flavor of cacao. The price is 440 yen.

Lotteria "Hot Ghana Milk Chocolate

Heart Hot Ghana


Chocolate "Heart Hot Ghana Milk Chocolate" is made with "Hot Ghana Milk Chocolate" topped with three pink heart-shaped marshmallows that resemble three-leaf clovers. The combination of the sweetness of the marshmallows and the rich chocolate is perfect for the cold season. Priced at 480 yen.

Lotteria "Hot Ghana Milk Chocolate with Heart".

Hot Ghana Milk Chocolate


"Hot Ghana Milk Chocolate Latte" is a hot drink with a gentle sweetness created by adding extra-concentrated milk that goes well with "Hot Ghana Milk Chocolate". The price is 440 yen.

Lotteria "Hot Ghana Milk Chocolate Latte



Gateau Chocolat The Triangular Ghana Gateau Chocolat, made with approximately 40% Lotte "Ghana Milk Chocolate" and baked at a high temperature of approximately 170°C, is also available from November 1 to late January 2023 (until it is gone). Handled at 202 Lotteria stores. Price: 350 yen.

Lotteria "Triangle Ghana Gateau Chocolat