7-ELEVEN "[Donald Duck] Vanilla & Chocolate"
All images are from the 7-ELEVEN official website

Introducing the newly arrived sweets and ice cream that will be released sequentially from December 28th at each 7-ELEVEN store. Check out the featured lineup such as "Fuwaa", "[Donald Duck] Vanilla & Chocolate", and "[Daisy Duck] Vanilla & Berry"!

* The handling status of each product varies depending on the region and store.
* It may be sold out early.


7-ELEVEN "Fuwarea"

A dessert that combines rare cheese mousse with a soft texture and berry sauce. Rare cheese mousse is made by combining cream cheese and whipped cream to create a light texture. The price is 230 yen (248.40 yen including tax). Released on December 28th.

Strawberry & almond pancakes

7-ELEVEN "Strawberry & Almond Pancakes"

A pancake with whipped cream, strawberry sauce, and almonds on a fluffy pancake dough. The price is 260 yen (280.80 yen including tax). Released on December 28th.

[Donald Duck] Vanilla & chocolate

7-ELEVEN "[Donald Duck] Vanilla & Chocolate"

A cake inspired by the popular "Donald Duck" from Disney is back. The sweetness of vanilla cream and chocolate cream with a soft texture spreads in your mouth. The price is 388 yen (419.04 yen including tax. It will be released on December 30th.

[Daisy Duck] Vanilla & Berry

7-ELEVEN "[Daisy Duck] Vanilla & Berry"

Daisy Duck cake with big eyes and beak is back. The combination of vanilla cream and sour berry cream has a crispy texture of cookies. The price is 388 yen (419.04 yen including tax). Released on December 30th.

Azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido

7-ELEVEN "Oshiruko using red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido"

Shiruko, a standard winter product that is warmed and eaten. Two pieces of yakimochi are placed on the bean paste made from red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido. The price is 278 yen (300.24 yen including tax). Released on December 29th.

In addition, the new arrival ice cream that will be sold sequentially from December 28 is as follows.

Akagi Soft-kun Legendary premium milk 180 yen (194.40 yen including tax)
7 Premium Rum Raisin Sand 178 yen (192.24 yen including tax)