KALDI "Addictive Corn Cream Bun"

Introducing all the recommended frozen foods from KALDI. Three items, "Addictive Corn Cream Bun," "Gimbap," and "Russian Premium Cheese."

Addictive corn cream bun

Inside is a crushed corn and a smooth corn cream. When you bite into it, the crispy texture on the surface of the dough, the melting texture of the cream inside, and the crispy texture of the corn play a harmony. The sweetness of the corn that spreads as you chew is irresistible.

KALDI "Addictive Corn Cream Bun"

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Frozen food of Korean-style seaweed roll "Kimpa". The rich and colorful contents are beef, omelet, crab stick, carrot, burdock, radish, and Japanese mustard spinach. You can enjoy a wide variety of textures and tastes. The rice is moist and chewy, and the nori flavor is good, so it's delicious that you can't think of as a frozen food!

KALDI's Gimbap

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Russian premium cheese

A popular cheesecake bar known as "Shirok" in Russia. A fresh cheese dessert with chocolate-coated stick-shaped cheesecake made from cottage cheese. If you bite into the coated chocolate, the cottage cheese inside will be moist and surprisingly dense. Still, it is soft and soft, and the smooth richness with plenty of milk gently wraps the tongue.

Russian premium cheese

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