Lotteria "Quattro Cheese Chicken Fillet Burger"

"Quattro Cheese Chicken Fillet Burger" will be on sale at Lotteria from December 20th to the end of February 2022 (excluding some stores). The price is 462 yen (10% tax included).

Cuatro cheese chicken fillet burger

At this time when Christmas is approaching, we will sell a new product "Quatro Cheese Chicken Fillet Burger" using 4 kinds of cheese from Hokkaido for a limited time because we want you to taste Lotteria's new chicken burger. Approximately 90g (3.17oz) of fried chicken is topped with a flavorful cheese sauce that is a blend of Camembert cheese, white cheddar cheese, mascarpone cheese, and cream cheese from Hokkaido, and sandwiched with lettuce and sliced onion.

Lotteria "Quattro Cheese Chicken Fillet Burger"

For fried chicken, we use a piece of chicken fillet (chicken breast) that is less than 3 months old and is grown on a feed containing rice. A spicy Lotteria original garment with Cajun spices, juicy and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

If you show the target coupon at the cash register until December 31, you can purchase the "Furu Pote Set" of "Quattro Cheese Chicken Fillet Burger" at a special price of 50 yen discount. "Furu Pote Set" is a set of "Furu Pote" and "Drink M".