Ministop Black Friday

"Ministop Black Friday" will be held for 10 days from November 19th to 28th at each Ministop store. "Gurukuru Drinking Cafe Mocha Jelly" "Gurukuru Drinking Nostalgic Coffee Jelly" "Bucket Potato" will be sold at a sale price, as well as "Tamafuwa Chocolate Cream", "Black Chocolate Chip Melon Bread" and "Black" named after "Black". Products such as "Ramen" will be released one after another.

Ministop Black Friday

Ministop Black Friday

From November 19th to November 28th, "Gurukuru Drinking Cafe Mocha Jelly" and "Gurukuru Drinking Nostalgic Coffee Jelly" will be sold at 96 (black) yen discount of 273 yen (294 yen including tax) at the main unit price of 369 yen. Will be.

Also, from November 25th to November 28th, "Bucket Potato" containing 3 X French fries will be sold at a main unit price of 396 yen (black) and 427 yen including tax. Save one X French fries.

Tamafuwa chocolate cream

Ministop "Tamafuwa Chocolate Cream"

A light steamed cake with a gentle sweetness, in which a soft chocolate steamed dough is filled with a "thick" chocolate cream. It is a flavored product of "Tamafuwa Custard Cream" which was released in June and was popular. Released on November 16th. The price is 138 yen (tax included, same below).

Black chocolate chip melon bread

Ministop "Black Chocolate Chip Melon Bread"

Melon bread with a black look to match Black Friday. Black cocoa is mixed with melon skin and bread dough, and you can enjoy the rich bitter taste of chocolate made by mixing two types of chocolate chips, large chocolate and small chocolate, in the melon skin. Released on November 23 (released on November 24 in the Kyushu area). The price is 138 yen.

Black ramen

Ministop "Black Ramen"

Released on November 23rd. The price is 429 yen.

Black fried rice

Ministop "Black Fried Rice"

Released on November 23rd. Handling in Aomori, Tohoku, Kanto, Tokai. The price is 399 yen.

Fried chicken from Sano black (4 pieces) / Fried chicken from Sano black (7 pieces)

Ministop "Karaage from Sano Black (4 pieces) / Fried chicken from Sano Black (7 pieces)"

On sale from November 3rd. The price is 203 yen for 4 pieces and 311 yen for 7 pieces. "Two-color fried chicken bento (fried from black)" (429 yen) using fried chicken from Sano black is also on sale.

Black chocolate stick cake

Ministop "Black Chocolate Stick Cake"

Released on November 23rd. The price is 138 yen.

Black cream bun (chocolate whipped cream)

Ministop "Black Cream Bun (Chocolate Whipped)"

Released on November 23rd. Handling in Kanto, Tokai, Kinki, Shikoku. The price is 127 yen.