French Fries" from Ministop

Ministop New Potatoes

Ministop will sell a new product, French Fried Potatoes, made with European potatoes. The release date is December 23. The price is 228.96 yen (tax included).



Potatoes These shredded shoestring potatoes are popular with people of all ages. Large European potatoes are used. You can enjoy the original flavor of the potato as it is. Simple and easy to eat. After ordering at the cash register, final processing is done in the store's kitchen, so you can enjoy the taste of freshly fried potatoes. Calories are 290 kcal.

Tomato ketchup is sold separately. The price is ¥20.52 (tax included).

Ministop "French Fried Potatoes" are a perfect accompaniment to Christmas. It looks like a good snack or alternative to alcoholic beverages. Why not order some when you see them?

Prices are based on the reduced tax rate of 8%, which applies to takeout. The standard tax rate of 10% applies when eating and drinking at the eat-in space.