Ministop "Truffle-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips".

Ministop "Truffle-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips

Ministop will release "Truffle-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips" on October 21. The release date is October 21. The price is 260.28 yen (tax included).

Truffle-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips

A combination of chicken nuggets with truffle oil cheese sauce and X-French fries. The nuggets are made with chicken meat and have a refreshing taste. It can be enjoyed with X-French fries, which are a perfect match. After ordering at the cash register, final processing is done in the restaurant kitchen, so the nuggets are served freshly fried. Tomato ketchup is sold separately (priced at 20.52 yen).

Truffle-scented cheese sauce melts in this Ministop "Truffle-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips". It looks like a good snack for alcoholic beverages. Check them out when you stop by Ministop!

Prices are based on the reduced tax rate of 8%, which applies to takeout. The standard tax rate of 10% applies when eating or drinking at the eat-in space.