Ministop "Rock X (X)" and "Basil-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips".
Rock X, basil-scented cheese chicken and chips

Ministop Rock X (X) and Basil-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips

Ministop will introduce hot snacks Rock X and Basil-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips. Each is a combination of the classic "X Fries" and chicken or pork, and will be available at stores in Japan from February 10, 2023.


X "Rock X" combines the popular snack "Rock Pork" with X-French fries. You can enjoy the pork with a punchy, burly texture from the garlic and pepper and the crispy fries. Calorie count is 348 kcal, and the price is 260.28 yen (tax included, same as below) for take-out.

Ministop "Rock X
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Basil-Scented Cheese Chicken &


"Basil-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips" combines chicken nuggets with basil pesto and cream cheese sauce and X-French fries. The richness of the cheese and the fresh aroma of basil are both delicious. After ordering at the cash register, the final processing takes place in the store's kitchen, so you can enjoy them freshly fried. Calorie count is 345 kcal.

Price is 278.64 yen for take-out. Tomato ketchup sold separately (20.52 yen).

Ministop "Basil-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips".
Basil-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips