Starbucks "Gingerbread Latte," "Joyful Medley Tea Latte," "Creme Brulee Latte

Three Starbucks Holiday Season Standard Lattes

Starbucks Coffee will begin its Holiday Season 2022 on November 1. The theme is "Let's Be a Santa". Starbucks holiday classic hot beverages "Gingerbread Latte", "Joyful Medley Tea Latte" and "Crème Brûlée Latte" will be available.

The En-Eat editorial staff tried these three holiday season limited hot beverages, which are perfect for the coming season, ahead of the rest!


Latte "Gingerbread Latte" is a Starbucks holiday season staple, inspired by the spicy flavor of gingerbread cookies. Many people look forward to this popular hot beverage every year.

As soon as you take a sip, you can almost taste the spice! It is the perfect drink for the season, with a taste similar to biting into a gingerbread cookie.

Starbucks "Gingerbread Latte

Both hot and iced to-go: Short 501 yen / Tall 540 yen / Grande 584 yen / Venti 628 yen. In-store: Short 510 yen / Tall 550 yen / Grande 595 yen / Venti 640 yen. Sold from November 1 to December 25, and will end as soon as it is gone.

Also available this year is the "Gingerbread Soy Latte" made with soy milk. The mild sweetness of the soy milk gives the whole drink a mild and gentle taste.

Joyful Medley Tea


"Joyful Medley Tea Latte" is a blend of teas that are popular as standard holiday teas: the smooth sweetness of black tea and oolong tea, the floral aroma of jasmine tea, and the gorgeous flavor of apricot as an accent. TEAVANA Joyful Medley is a tea latte finished with a splash of steamed milk.

The gorgeous aroma of the tea can be fully enjoyed in this cup. The gentle aftertaste will soothe your cold body. If you are a frequent Asian tea drinker, you will surely love this tea latte!

Starbucks "Joyful Medley Tea Latte

Hot only; to-go Short 447 yen / Tall 486 yen / Grande 530 yen / Venti 574 yen. In-store: Short 445 yen / Tall 495 yen / Grande 540 yen / Venti 585 yen. Available from November 1 to December 25.

Crème Brulee


"Crème Brulee Latte" is a combination of creamy custard-flavored sauce, espresso, and steamed milk, topped with sugar to resemble the burnt top of a crème brulee.

Last year's popular "Crème Brulee Latte" is back again this year! The sweet and savory flavor of the crème brûlée sugar accents the latte. Recommended customization is to add an espresso shot (+50 yen). It's also a great dessert alternative!

Starbucks "Crème Brulee Latte

Prices for both hot and iced to-go are Short 520 yen / Tall 560 yen / Grande 603 yen / Venti 648 yen. In-store: Short 530 yen / Tall 570 yen / Grande 614 yen / Venti 660 yen. Available from November 1 to December 25, and will end as soon as they are gone.

Starbucks Holiday Season 2022 has finally started. Enjoy it with the new Starbucks Frappé "Strawberry & Velvet Brownie Frappuccino" and "Strawberry & Velvet Brownie Mocha"!

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