Sapporo Beer "Sapporo Ai no Skal White Sour [Thick Banana]"

Sapporo Beer will release "Sapporo Ai no Skal White Sour [Thick Banana]" on November 24th. Alcohol content 4%. It is 350 ml and the price is 160 yen (excluding tax).

Sapporo Ai no Skal White Sour [Thick Banana]

"Sapporo Ai's Skal White Sour [rich banana]" is a limited flavor of "Sapporo Ai's Skal White Sour", which is a collaboration product with the "Ai's Skal" brand sold by South Japan Dairy Cooperative. The sweet and sour taste derived from raw milk unique to "Ai no Skal White Sour" and the crisp aftertaste are retained, and the rich and gentle taste is finished like banana juice, which has become a hot topic in juice stands in recent years.

The surface design expresses the image of the taste with illustrations of banana juice and banana juice as provided at the juice stand. The back side is an illustration of a mixer to express the taste like banana juice.

If you are a love squall fan, you can't miss "Sapporo Ai Skal White Sour [rich banana]". When you see it, be sure to pick it up.