Sole's Gofret "Butter Gofret Dark Chocolat"

At the butter gofuru specialty store "SOLES GAUFRETTE", the winter limited "Butter gofuru dark chocolate" will be released on November 16th. "Mocchiri Butter Gofret Dark Chocolat" is also available only at the Tokyo Gift Palette store and on Fridays.

Butter gofuru dark chocolate

A gofuru with a fascinating aroma of Colombian chocolate and rum. It was sold for a limited time as the brand's first flavor product last year and was well received, so it will reappear as a winter limited product.

Two types of cocoa powder are added to the dough of fermented butter from Belgium and wheat from Hokkaido, and the dough is baked at a high temperature. Sandwich a smooth chocolate caramel scented with liquor. The chocolate caramel uses two types of carefully selected Colombian chocolate that have both richness and fruitiness, and is finished to melt in the mouth smoothly.

Sole's Gofret "Butter Gofret Dark Chocolat"

The price is 1,600 yen for 5 pieces (tax included, same below). "Butter gofuru gift box 9 pieces", which is a combination of regular vanilla and caramel, is 3,240 yen, and "Butter gofuru gift box 15 pieces" is 5,400 yen.

Sole's Gofret "Butter Gofret Dark Chocolat"

Available at SOLES GAUFRETTE Tokyo Gift Palette store, some special event stores, and official online shop "BAKE THE ONLINE".

Chewy butter gofuru dark chocolate

A product limited to the SOLES GAUFRETTE Tokyo Gift Palette store, where you can enjoy freshly made products at the store integrated with the workshop. The price is 324 yen per sheet. Sold only on Fridays from November 16th to January 31st, 2022.