7-ELEVEN "Premium Mont Blanc Ice"

Among the new sweets sold by 7-ELEVEN, we would like to introduce the ones that the En-eating editorial department actually tried and enjoyed. "Premium Mont Blanc Ice", "Two-layered pomegranate vinegar jelly", and "Mochitodora pumpkin pudding & whipped cream". * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed Tasting article.

Mochitodora Pumpkin Pudding & Whipped

I tried 7-ELEVEN's sweets " Mochitodora Pumpkin Pudding & Whipped Cream ". It looks like dorayaki, but the taste is perfectly Western confectionery. It is a pumpkin flavored dish that you can enjoy Halloween-like.

7-ELEVEN "Mochitodora Pumpkin Pudding & Whipped Cream"

Two-layered pomegranate vinegar jelly

I tried 7-ELEVEN's cup dessert " Two-layered pomegranate vinegar jelly ". It is a dish of bright red pomegranate vinegar jelly, pickled in syrup of mandarin oranges and pineapple, transparent agar, and soda-style jelly.

7-ELEVEN "Two-layered pomegranate vinegar jelly"

Premium Mont Blanc Ice

I tried 7-ELEVEN's " Premium Mont Blanc Ice ". It tastes and looks just like Mont Blanc cake, and you can enjoy the combination of bean paste and vanilla ice cream. A dish by Imuraya.

7-ELEVEN "Premium Mont Blanc Ice"