PRONTO "Halloween Purple (Grape & Cassis)"

PRONTO will release "Halloween Purple (Grape & Cassis)" on October 12th. The price is 540 yen (excluding tax).

Halloween Purple (Grape & Cassis)

"Halloween Purple (Grape & Cassis)" is a drink made by adding milk to cassis syrup containing grape juice and pulp, and topped with whipped cream, berry sauce, and colorful sugar. A limited-time drink where you can enjoy the juicy taste of grapes and cassis and the pop look of Halloween colors.

In addition, an ice cup during the period will appear in a Halloween-only design. You can also enjoy the sleeves of the hot takeaway cups in Halloween colors. The number of sleeves for ice cups and hot cups designed for Halloween is limited.

PRONTO "Halloween Purple (Grape & Cassis)" looks cute and you can fully enjoy the Halloween mood. It looks good as a snack substitute. For a limited time, check it out early if you are interested!