Suntory Spirits "-196 ℃ [The whole white grape]"

"-196 ℃ [The whole white grape]" will be released from Suntory Spirits. Canned chu-hi that makes the best use of the taste of whole white grape fruits. It will be on sale nationwide for a limited time from December 21st. The estimated price is 141 yen for 350 ml cans (excluding tax, the same applies below) and 191 yen for 500 ml cans.

-196 ℃ [The whole white grape]

It is a new flavor of the canned chu-hi "-196 ℃" brand that has continued since 2005. It is said that you can enjoy the taste of the whole fruit, which is characterized by a solid fruitiness and thickness of the taste by Suntory Spirits' original technology "-196 ℃ manufacturing method".

It is said that the refreshing, fresh and sweet taste of white grapes is completely contained. It also has zero sugar and 7% alcohol.

The package features an illustration of white grapes arranged in the center and colors reminiscent of the taste of white grape fruits. The characteristics of the contents are set out throughout the design.