Horoiyoi〈Orange Sour

Suntory Spirits will release "Horoiyoi [Orange Sour]". This canned chu-hi drink lets you enjoy the refreshing aroma of orange and the delicious taste of sweet and sour fruit.

Horoiyoi [Orange Sour

A new product in the "Horoiyoi" canned chu-hi series, "Horoiyoi [Orange Sour]" has a refreshing orange aroma and a sweet and sour fruit flavor. The package features an image of orange fruit on a blue base color, reminiscent of a clear autumn sky. The package also depicts cosmos, the seasonal flower, to express a refreshing autumn scene.

Horoiyoi [Orange Sour] will go on sale on August 30. It will be sold nationwide for a limited time. It will be 350 ml in volume and priced at 141 yen (excluding tax). The alcohol content is 3%. The product is a liqueur.


Horoiyoi is a long-selling brand with a gentle and pleasantly enjoyable 3% alcohol content, launched in 2009. It features a diverse lineup of flavors.