Suntory Spirits "-196 ℃ [The Marugoto Yuzu]"

Suntory Spirits will release "-196 ℃ [The Marugoto Yuzu]" on November 9th. For a limited time. Alcohol content is 7%. The price for 350 ml is 141 yen, and the price for 500 ml is 191 yen (both excluding tax).

-196 ℃ [The whole Yuzu]

Zero sugar (based on food labeling standards, less than 0.5g (0.18oz) per 100ml (3.38us fl oz) is "zero sugar") and alcohol content so that you can feel the taste of "whole yuzu" by the original technology "-196 ℃ manufacturing method". A cup finished with 7%. The refreshing and refreshing taste of "whole yuzu" is contained.

The package emphasizes the characteristics of the contents in an easy-to-understand manner, such as the large illustration of Yuzu in the center and the colors reminiscent of the taste of Yuzu fruit.

-196 ℃ series

Since its launch in 2005, it is a long-selling brand that has been supported as a canned chu-hi that is close to everyday life. The solid fruitiness and thickness of the taste due to the original technology "-196 ℃ manufacturing method" are popular.