Choya Umeshu "CHOYA YUZU"

Choya Umeshu will release "CHOYA YUZU", a yuzu liquor made from fruit juice made by squeezing whole Shikoku yuzu, on March 9th. Alcohol content is 14%. The content is 750 ml, and the estimated price is 2,090 yen (excluding tax).

"CHOYA YUZU" contains 16% fruit juice made by squeezing whole Yuzu from Shikoku. Yuzu produced in Shikoku is characterized by its high fragrance and strong acidity of the flesh. By gently squeezing the harvested yuzu with the skin, you can make a mellow and fruity yuzu juice with less harshness. After squeezing, it is frozen and stored unheated to maintain a fresh and refreshing aroma and a fruity acidity.

From the desire to enjoy the deliciousness of Yuzu's original ingredients, it is made without the addition of acidulants, flavors, coloring agents, and artificial sweeteners.

It is one that you can enjoy in various arrangements such as cocktail base from standard drinking methods such as rock and soda. While many people refrain from going out, it is also recommended for "home time", which is said to be the new normal in the future.