Park and Mog Sweets Selection

At the sweets specialty online shop "Paku and Mog", a special box "Paku and Mog Sweets Selection" for Father's Day is on sale for a limited time from May 14th.

Park and Mog Sweets Selection

Contents: 12 sugar butter sand trees, 5 Kamakura half-moon matcha flavors, 5 Kokura flavors, 5 peanut half-moons, 6 flavors of roly-poly toys (seasoned rice crackers) x 2 Price: 3,456 yen (tax included)
Release: May 14, 2021 Acceptance starts
Dealer: Grapestone Group Official Online Shop "Park and Mog"

"Sugar Butter Sandwich" is a masterpiece sandwich that is steadfastly popular at THE cereal sweets specialty store "Sugar Butter Tree". A special cereal dough with fragrant whole grains and rye is baked with sugar butter, and it has a crispy texture. Milky white chocolate is combined.

Sugar butter sand tree

"Kamakura Half Moon" is a masterpiece of "Kamakura Goro Main Store" and is a long-selling gofuru that has been on sale for over 20 years. Plenty of Japanese-flavored cream such as matcha and Kokura is sandwiched. You can enjoy the crunchy texture, and the more you eat, the more delicious it will be.

Kamakura Goro Main Store "Kamakura Half Moon"

Until 17:00 on May 29th, all items over 1,000 yen including tax will be increased by 5 times the points. In addition, the first 3,000 people will receive a "Paku to Mogu" eco bag for purchases of 8,000 yen or more including tax per order. The original design is based on the cute and popular "Half Moon Rabbit" from Park and Mog.

Park and Mog Campaign

* Limited to home delivery orders * Only once per person * Orders for frozen products (Anmitsu Daifuku) and regular flights (Kamakura half-month regular flights) are not eligible for gifts