Shiroi Koibito x Hagi no Tsuki x Hakata Dorimon "Souvenir Genki BOX"

Ishiya Co., Ltd., Kasho Sanzen, and Meigetsudo will collaborate on a new project, "Nippon no Omiya Genki Project," which will start on May 16th, "Travel Day." "Souvenir Genki BOX" is sold only on the project website.

In the "Nippon Souvenir Genki Project," three local souvenir confectionery makers facing the common issue of reducing tourists due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, joined hands across the boundaries of the company and "Corona". It was established with the idea that "I want to rejuvenate the world that has been depressed by the wreckage with the power of sweets." As the first project, "Shiroi Koibito," "Hagi no Tsuki," and "Hakata-dori-mon," which are the representative sweets of each of the three companies, will be sold online in a box with the original furoshiki.

Shiroi Koibito x Hagi no Tsuki x Hakata Dorimon "Souvenir Genki BOX"

Souvenir BOX

Selling price: 5,400 yen (tax included and shipping included)
Handling location: Nippon's souvenir project special website (inside the online shop "BASE")
Sales start date: May 16, 2021 from 10:00
Scheduled first shipping date: End of May 2021 Second scheduled shipping date: Early June 2021 * Check the above website for future shipping schedules.
Product details: Assortment of "Shiroi Koibito White 18 pieces", "Hagi no Tsuki 6 pieces", "Hakata Torimon 12 pieces" (with original furoshiki)

Shiroi Koibito x Hagi no Tsuki x Hakata Dorimon "Souvenir Genki BOX"

* Notes on delivery・ It takes about 2 to 3 weeks from ordering to delivery.
・ Delivery date cannot be specified.
・ Delivered by Yamato Transport's cool mail.
・ Shipping to remote islands and overseas is not possible.

* Notes on the product -A carrying bag is not included.
・ Wrapping, paper, receipts, etc. cannot be attached.

* Notes on payment・ Credit card payment and smartphone carrier payment can be used.
・ You can pay with Amazon Pay only for orders from your PC.