"Kikkoman Soymilk Beverage Watermelon" "Kikkoman Soymilk Beverage Coconut Mango" Limited Time Offer
(The image is quoted from the official website)

Kikkoman Soyfoods will release new products "Kikkoman Soymilk Beverage Suika" and "Kikkoman Soymilk Beverage Coconut Mango" on May 17th. Limited time until late October. The price is 90 yen each (excluding tax).

"Kikkoman Soymilk Beverage Watermelon" is a refreshing soymilk drink with a squid flavor. You can drink it as it is, or you can enjoy it as "soy milk ice cream" that freezes in a pack during the hot summer months.

"Kikkoman Soymilk Beverage Coconut Mango" is a soymilk drink inspired by the sweets of a tropical resort. The tropical flavor of coconut milk and mango gives it a refreshing finish. If you transfer it to a container, heat it, add gelatin to cool it and harden it, you can enjoy it as a "soy milk pudding" with a "purple" texture that does not use dairy ingredients or eggs.

"Kikkoman Soymilk Beverage Suika" contains 4.0g (0oz) of dietary fiber, and "Kikkoman Soymilk Beverage Coconut Mango" contains 3.7g (0.25oz) of dietary fiber. Both have zero cholesterol.