Kikkoman's new soymilk "Kikkoman soymilk drink soda" and "Kikkoman soymilk drink apricot tofu"

Kikkoman will release the new soymilk drinks "Kikkoman Soymilk Beverage Soda" and "Kikkoman Soymilk Beverage Anjin Tofu" on May 25th. A 200ml (6.76us fl oz) paper pack costs 90 yen each (excluding tax).

"Soy milk drink soda" is a refreshing soda-flavored soy milk drink. It does not contain carbonic acid. The sweetness is modest, and it is recommended as a snack or dessert in the hot season. You can enjoy it as it is, or as a "soy milk ice cream" with a crispy texture by freezing it in the freezer as it is packed. Dietary fiber 3.8g (0.28oz), no cholesreroll. Limited time until the end of October.

"Soy milk drink almond tofu" is a soy milk drink that reproduces the taste of the popular classic sweet "annin tofu". It has a refreshing taste and is recommended as a substitute for snacks and desserts in the hot season. Of course, you can enjoy it as a "soy milk pudding" with a plump texture by transferring it to a container, heating it, melting gelatin powder, cooling it and hardening it. Dietary fiber 3.5g (0.18oz), no dairy ingredients, no cholesterol.