TROPICAL CACAO chocolate drink

Fruit fermented cacao chocolate drinks "TROPICAL CACAO chocolate drink [almond]" and "TROPICAL CACAO chocolate drink [coffee]" will be on sale at convenience stores and supermarkets from May 11th.

The "fruit-fermented cacao" used in this drink is a mixture of tropical fruits harvested near the plantation at the fermentation stage of the raw material cacao beans, and the cacao beans are covered with the aroma of fruits. When the first drink was sold for Valentine's Day, both the richness of chocolate and the lightness of fruity were achieved, such as "the fruity scent is strange even though no spices are used" and "the aftertaste is refreshing and delicious even though it is rich". It was well received as a new type of beverage.

The second product to be released this time is two types of chocolate drinks that have been newly developed by taking advantage of the characteristics of "fruit fermented cacao". While you can enjoy the rich richness of chocolate in both cases, you can enjoy a refreshing taste with the fruity aftertaste peculiar to "fruit fermented cacao".

"TROPICAL CACAO Chocolate Drink [Almond]" is a fruity tropical cacao with a strong nutty feeling, and by adding "almond paste", which is characterized by its aroma instead of almond milk, a rich richness and a refreshing aftertaste are realized. I have.

On the other hand, "TROPICAL CACAO Chocolate Drink [Coffee]" is different from Cafe Mocha, where coffee plays the leading role and chocolate plays the supporting role, and the composition is devised so that chocolate plays the leading role. It is a new drink that combines fruity cacao with the bitterness of deep roasted coffee.