Limited time offer "Coconut Sable [Lemonade]"

Nissin Cisco will release "Coconut Sable [Lemonade]" on May 17th. With 20 pieces, the price is open. For a limited time.

Since its birth on July 2, 1965, "Coconut Sable" is a long-selling brand that has been popular for its "crispy, unpleasant taste" that has been inherited from the time of its release with almost no changes in raw materials or manufacturing methods. In recent years, "retro culture", in which you can positively enjoy old-fashioned things that make you feel "warm" and "nostalgic," has become popular among young people. Therefore, this time, the second edition of "Coconut Sable" with the theme of "New + Retro", which reinterprets the culture of a long time ago with a new sensibility of the present age, will be released for a limited time.

"Coconut sable [lemonade]" is a product that expresses the taste of "lemonade", which has been popular as one of the menus of coffee shops for a long time and is now popular among young people. It features a sweet and refreshing taste. The package is finished in a bright yellow design with a focus on the retro touch illustrations of lemons and girls.