Nissin Foods "Chicken Ramen Donburi Wakame"

A combination of "chicken ramen x wakame seaweed" that was unlikely. "Chicken Ramen Donburi Wakame" will be on sale from Nissin Foods on March 8th. The estimated price is 193 yen (excluding tax).

"Chicken Ramen", which was born as "the world's first instant noodle", is a long-selling brand that has been loved by a wide range of people since its launch in 1958. The "Chicken Ramen Donburi Wakame" to be released this time is a new product that contains the familiar "Chicken Ramen Donburi" with wakame seaweed that covers the noodles.

The fragrant "Chicken Ramen" noodles seasoned with soy sauce-based chicken soup are combined with the roasted soy sauce-flavored "Original Chicken Glass Soup." The taste of the umami that exudes from plenty of wakame seaweed melts into it.

Add mild spiciness and aroma with the attached "Coarse White Pepper" to create a deep and lingering taste. The ingredients are a combination of plenty of wakame seaweed, fluffy eggs, and fragrant sesame seeds.