Famima "Manchin-ken Supervised Ramen with Eggs

FamilyMart "Man

chin-ken Supervision Ramen with Eggs" FamilyMart will begin selling "Manchin-ken Supervision Ramen with Eggs" supervised by Manchin-ken, a long-established ramen restaurant in Nagoya, on November 29.

Famima "Manchin-ken Supervised Ramen with Eggs

What is Manchin-ken?

Manchin-ken is a long-established ramen restaurant in Nagoya that has been in business for over 50 years. The secret behind the popularity of its signature dish, the original "Tamago Toji Ramen," is said to be the unique soup made by slowly simmering carefully selected ingredients such as Mikawa chicken bones and pork bones for more than 10 hours every day and mixing them with a beaten egg.

What are the features of Famima's "Manchin-ken Supervised Tamago Toji Ramen"?

The new "Manchin-ken Supervision Tamago Toji Ramen" features an egg that covers the noodles. In the soup, the balance of umami between pork and chicken has been changed, and the taste of soy sauce and the richness of lard have been improved. In addition, they have also made the optional seasoning oil closer to the taste of the seasoning found in Manchin-ken stores by adding raayu.

Manchin-ken Supervised Tamago Toji Ramen" Price, sales area, etc.

Price: 238 yen (including tax)
Release date: November 29
Sales area: Nationwide