Kentucky "Nugget 10 Piece Half Price"

The "Nugget 10 Piece Half Price" campaign will be held at Kentucky Fried Chicken stores nationwide. Limited to 9 days from February 19th to 27th.

Now that the amount of "home time" spent at home is increasing, Kentucky is holding a "nugget 10 piece half price" campaign as a support project. Kentucky's "Nugget" is a product that uses soft domestic chicken breast and is seasoned with 11 herbs and spices secretly from the founder Colonel Sanders. It is easy to eat without bones and can be enjoyed as a side menu with a little light meal or "original chicken".

The regular price of "Nugget 10 Piece" is 800 yen. It will be offered for 400 yen during the period. The price includes tax.

Some stores are not available. Also, delivery is not applicable. Depending on the policy of each local government, some stores may change their business hours or be closed.