New "Dorosuko" product

Yamato Foods x Oliver Sauce Collaboration "Dorosco

Yamato Foods will release its first collaboration product with Oliver Sauce, "Dorosco," on February 22. The product weighs 300g (10.58oz) and is expected to be priced between 300 yen and 330 yen (excluding tax).

Dorosuko is a collaboration of "Dorosauce" from the Kansai region, which has a strong konamon culture, and "Remosuko," a spicy seasoning from Hiroshima, to create a new "deliciously spicy" okonomiyaki sauce.

Dororo Sauce, made from the sediment produced when Worcestershire sauce is matured, is full of the delicious flavor of vegetables and fruits and the pungency of spices, and Lemosco, a new type of spicy seasoning from Hiroshima that uses lemons from Hiroshima Prefecture, are combined to create a refreshingly rich, sweet and spicy Setouchi Okonomi-Sauce. The result is a new product that is both easy to make and easy to use. In addition to okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and takoyaki, it is also recommended for tonkatsu, fried shrimp, sandwiches, etc.

Dorosuko" is sure to give a new flavor to your usual dishes. Give it a try!

Lemosco RED" is used for "Lemosco".
Yamato Foods mail-order website and some mass merchandisers will also sell the product in advance.
Some stores may not carry the product.