Koikeya "KOIKEYA STRONG Potato Chips Shrimp Ahijo"

From Koikeya's "KOIKEYA STRONG" brand, "KOIKEYA STRONG Potato Chips Shrimp Ahijo" is on sale, which makes the taste of condensed shrimp and garlic addictive. Limited to convenience stores. The content is 80g (2.82oz) and the price is open.

The "KOIKEYA STRONG" series, which was released in April 2018 and continues to perform well as rich potato chips, is a potato chip with "rich taste" that appeals to instinct.

"KOIKEYA STRONG Potato Chips Ebi no Ahijo" focuses on "Ebi no Ahijo", which is one of the popular menus at Spanish bars and Spanish restaurants, and finishes it with a dynamic and rich taste unique to "KOIKEYA STRONG". What was done.

The mellow flavor of olive oil and mushrooms spreads in your mouth in the savory taste of shrimp and garlic. The ingredients are simmered in olive oil, and the condensed and rich flavor peculiar to "Ajillo" is finished in a distinctive taste.