Koikeya "KOIKEYA STRONG Potato Chips Rampage Grilled Plum"

From the Koikeya's rich potato chips "KOIKEYA STRONG" brand, "KOIKEYA STRONG Potato Chips Rampage Yaki Ume" was released on January 11th, where you can enjoy the delicious taste of plums. The estimated price is around 130 yen (excluding tax).

"KOIKEYA STRONG Potato Chips Rampage Yaki Ume" was released in January last year (2020) at the same time as the plum blossoms, and was highly evaluated. This time, the rich taste of plum meat is further strengthened, and the deliciousness of "ume" that is unique to the "KOIKEYA STRONG" series is expressed. You can enjoy the profound taste and acidity of the umami of dried bonito and the exquisite balance of umezu, shiso, and salt.

In addition, to commemorate the launch of this product, the "Rampaging Deliciousness !! Umee STRONG Bonito! Nori Nori! Present Campaign" will be held from January 12th to 18th. If you follow Koikeya's official Twitter account and retweet the corresponding tweet, 5 people will win a set of "KOIKEYA STRONG potato chips rampage grilled plum", "Kagoshima Makurazaki bonito flakes", "Ariake grilled seaweed". .. You can check the details from the official account.