Origin "Meat Wall"

"Meat Wall" and "Meat Wall Jr. (Junior)" will be released on February 9th from Origin in collaboration with TV Tokyo programs. For a limited time. Origin x Big hunter x Joint development of the conference to be held from today.

"Meat castle wall" consists of 3 meals of grilled beef, 10 fried chicken, 5 fried shrimp, 3 tartar chicken nanban, 3 cheese chicken, 3 cabbage menchi, 3 demi hamburgers, 3 chicken tatsuta, and so on. Below that, along with a total of 9 kinds of side dishes that you can enjoy, the rice is a marvelous 2,100g (3.53oz) lunch box that is reserved 2 days in advance (complete reservation system). The price is 6,290 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Origin "Meat Wall"
Meat Wall Jr. (Junior)

The non-standard volume of the "meat wall" is marked with a "shamoji" so that it can be shared and eaten by the family. * Not attached to the meat wall Jr. (junior).

In addition, "Meat Wall Jr. (Junior)" has also appeared as an introductory edition. 300g (10.58oz) of 4 kinds of side dish, shredded cabbage and rice, 1 meal of pork toro roasted meat (green onion salt lemon sauce), 1 tonkatsu, 1 meal of beef roasted meat, 4 fried chicken. And the fun is hidden under the rice. Large and special rice dishes are also available. The price is 1,290 yen.

Origin "Meat Wall"
Meat ramparts

* Because the total weight is 5 kg or more, please be careful when taking it home.