FamilyMart "Fruche Sandwich (Strawberry)"
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Introducing the new arrival bread that will be on sale from February 9th at each FamilyMart store. Here are 9 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Chocolate Danish
Chocolate Danish pastry. Chocolate cream is wrapped in chocolate-flavored dough and baked, and chocolate whipped cream is sandwiched. The price is 128 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

FamilyMart "Chocolat Danish"

・ Chocolate whipped chiffon cake (walnut)
Squeeze chocolate whipped cream on chocolate chiffon dough baked with walnuts and top with chocolate powder. The price is 139 yen.

FamilyMart "Chocolate Whipped Chiffon Cake (Walnut)"

・ White chocolate and cranberries
Highly watered bread wrapped in white chocolate and baked with a dough kneaded with cranberry pulp. You can enjoy a chewy texture. The price is 128 yen.

FamilyMart "White Chocolat and Cranberry"

・ Whipped croissant (chocolate)
Sandwich chocolate whipped cream on a fragrant croissant containing fermented butter. The price is 147 yen.

FamilyMart "Whipped Croissant (Chocolate)"

・ 6 snack sticks
Milk-flavored stick bread baked with a light texture. The price is 100 yen.

FamilyMart "Snack Stick 6 Pieces"

・ Fruche sandwich (strawberry)
A collaboration product with the long-selling house "Fruche" released in 1976. Filling and whipped cream made by adding fresh cream and milk to strawberry fluche are sandwiched. The price is 221 yen.

FamilyMart "Fruche Sandwich (Strawberry)"

・ Potato salad sandwich
A sandwich of potato salad with pork ham, carrots, onions and cucumbers. Hokkaido potatoes are used. The price is 204 yen.

FamilyMart "Potato Salad Sandwich"

・ Bukkake! Keema Curry Yakisoba Bread
A product supervised by Foreign Deb Hasshi. Yakisoba is sandwiched in koppe bread, and keema curry and mayonnaise are served. The price is 184 yen.

FamilyMart "Bukkake! Keema Curry Yakisoba Bread"

・ Wrap stick roast chicken
Roll roast chicken, potato salad, super barley, vegetables, mayo sauce with vegetable dressing with tortilla dough with green tea. The price is 249 yen.

FamilyMart "Lapstick Roast Chicken"