New sensation Kamaboko "Fondue Luxe Fromage"

"Fondue Luxe Fromage", a new type of kamaboko made with rich cheese, will be on sale from 10 am on February 8th. The price is 1,200 yen (tax included) per piece.

"Fondue Luxe Fromage" is a pre-sale product that is sold out on the same day. The reserved shipment was completed at the end of January, and we are now ready for resale.

New sensation Kamaboko "Fondue Luxe Fromage"

In a white fish mousse kneaded with French cream cheese and fresh cream, put "Conte Extra Cot" aged for 18 months with high-quality French cheese, and topped with thick slices of mozzarella cheese etc. Egg white. You can enjoy a new taste and texture that the cheese melts when baked in an oven toaster.

New sensation Kamaboko "Fondue Luxe Fromage"
Cooking example

The long-established Kamaboko shop "Maruhachi Kamaboko", which has been in Kobe since 1918, will be sold on the official website of the new brand "Sercle Yupik" launched at the end of December last year (2020).

■ What is Sercle Yupik?
Nowadays, it is difficult to eat out, and at least I want to provide products that make it easy to eat delicious food at home, and I want people who are not interested in kamaboko and paste products to come across and enjoy new sense of paste products. A brand born from the thought of.