"Tofu pavé chocolate" recipe

Why don't you make it by hand this year? Here are 3 super-easy recipes recommended for Valentine's Day. "Tofu raw chocolate" and "raw chocolate" that can be made in 1 minute.

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・ "Raw chocolate" that can be made in 1 minute
No need for fresh cream or tempering! A recipe for "raw chocolate " that can be easily made with just one bowl.

"Raw chocolate" recipe

Rich and smooth mouthfeel, with the bitter richness of cacao and the deep sweetness of honey. Although it cannot be called raw chocolate in terms of ingredients, it has endless taste and texture. Especially recommended for those who like bitter chocolate. If you use hot milk instead of hot water, it will be a little milder. I wonder if it would be fun to arrange it by mixing coffee or your favorite liquor, adding nuts and dried fruits.

・ Chocolate mousse with only water and chocolate
The only ingredients are water and chocolate! This "chocolate mousse " recipe is recommended for people who like simple chocolates and who have trouble preparing various ingredients.

"Chocolate mousse" recipe

The finish is chubby and heavy, but the mouthfeel is fluffy. It melts lightly with the heat of your tongue. It may be smoother than a bad mousse ...! I'm impressed that you can get such a texture with just water and chocolate. Only chocolate is used, so the taste is very rich. Since the quality of chocolate directly affects the taste and aroma, it is a recipe that I would like you to make with "Mottainai chocolate that is a waste to use for making sweets".

・ Three ingredients "tofu pavé chocolate"
Use tofu instead of fresh cream! A "tofu pavé chocolate" recipe with a fluffy texture and smooth texture.

"Tofu pavé chocolate" recipe

The fluffy, soft and smooth chocolate is just raw chocolate! I don't feel the flavor of tofu at all, and if I eat it without knowing it, I won't notice the replacement. The bitterness and flavor of chocolate is enhanced without using fresh cream, resulting in a crisp taste.