Ginza waist "Valentine gift" etc.

It was announced on the official website that Valentine's gifts will appear at Ginza West. It will be available at each store including mail order on January 15th.

Valentine's gifts include the new Ranunculus hinged canned "Chocolat Fingers 12", "Chocolat Leaf 12", "Heart Victoria 8 Boxes", "Heart Victoria 2 Petit Gifts" and "Heart Soft Tart 2 Petit Gifts". I will.

Please note that does not handle items in bags. In addition to this, the following store-limited menus are available.

Strawberry roll

Ginza waist "Valentine gift" etc.

In addition, "Strawberry Roll" will be on sale for a limited time at the event "Strawberry Fair" until January 26th at Bay Cafe Yokohama on the 3rd floor of Yokohama Takashimaya (* high is a different letter). You can enjoy strawberry roll cake, which is a little different from shortcake. The selling price of the cake alone is 550 yen for in-store food and drink, and 540 yen for take-out (both including tax).

Anzu Kanie Limited number of cans

Ginza waist "Valentine gift" etc.

As the second collaborative can with the printmaker Anzu Kanie from Hino City, a dry cake can (15 bags) with the motif of the work "Beautiful Titania" in the picture book "Summer Night Dream" is limited to the Hino Factory direct sales store. It is sold at. It is also a gift for Hino City hometown tax payment. The selling price is 3,200 yen (excluding tax).

Mail order limited can

Ginza waist "Valentine gift" etc.

"West mail order limited cans (15 bags of dry cake)" are also sold exclusively on the direct sales site, Rakuten Ichiba, and British painter Elizabeth Jane Lloyd's "Spring in Norfolk", a work with a flower motif on the table, is used in the design of the can. The selling price is 3,200 yen (excluding tax).

Soft tart Tokyo station

Ginza waist "Valentine gift" etc.

The financier-type semi-namagashi "Soft Tart Tokyo Station" that makes the best use of the flavors of butter and almonds is sold exclusively at the Daimaru store of Tokyo Station. The design of the Tokyo Station Marunouchi station building is adopted for the wrapping paper and the tart body. It comes in a box of 5 and the selling price is 1,300 yen (excluding tax).

JR East commercialization licensed

Shibuya Hachiko pattern soft tart

Ginza waist "Valentine gift" etc.

"Shibuya Hachiko Soft Tart" is also sold exclusively at the Shibuya Tokyu Main Store and Toyoko Goodwill Street Store. The selling price is 200 yen per piece (excluding tax).