Chateraise "Strawberry Sweets"

At each Chateraise store, various types of "Strawberry Sweets" are on sale for a limited time. The lineup includes zucotto, crepes, and millefeuilles made from strawberries.

Released sequentially from January 22nd

■ Tochiotome Seed Strawberry Use Large Strawberry Zuccotto 594 yen (tax included, same below)

Chateraise "Strawberry Sweets"

A luxurious cake that uses plenty of juicy strawberries, "Tochiotome Seed Strawberries," which are large, have a moderate sweetness, and have little acidity, so you can enjoy strawberries no matter where you eat. A fluffy sponge sandwiches whipped cream and plenty of strawberries, and the toppings are decorated with strawberries. The sales period varies depending on the store, from January 22nd to February 2nd, or from February 3rd to February 14th. You can check the sales date for each store on the Chateraise official website from around January 15th.

■ Strawberry crepe dessert 594 yen

Chateraise "Strawberry Sweets"

Mille crêpes with layers of fresh strawberries, crepes baked with fresh eggs, whipped cream with a hint of Western liquor, sweet and sour strawberry confiture, and moist sponge. A hearty dish with egg-flavored crepes and juicy strawberries. The sales period varies depending on the store, from January 22nd to February 2nd, or from February 3rd to February 14th. You can check the sales date for each store on the Chateraise official website from around January 15th.

■ Comparison of eating strawberries Baton 1,620 yen

Chateraise "Strawberry Sweets"

A baton cake where you can enjoy eating and comparing three varieties of strawberries. "Miyagi Prefecture's Moikko Strawberry" with a rich and firm taste, "Kagawa Prefecture's Sanuki Hime Strawberry" with a juicy and refreshing sweetness, and "Red Hoppe Strawberry" with a good balance of acidity and sweetness are decorated. A strawberry-flavored sponge sandwiched with whipped cream, strawberry-flavored chocolate chips, and freeze-dried strawberry. 17 cm in length. The sale period is from January 22nd to February 14th.


■ Fermented butter scented strawberry millefeuille * Store limited 507 yen

Chateraise "Strawberry Sweets"

A crispy pie kneaded with French fermented butter, rich custard cream using fresh milk and eggs and vanilla from Madagascar, whipped cream, and strawberries sent directly from the production area are sandwiched in the millefeuille. The toppings are decorated with strawberries, blueberries and chervil (a sweet and refreshing herb).

■ Using pure fresh cream from Hokkaido Strawberry and white chocolate cup dessert 378 yen

Chateraise "Strawberry Sweets"

A cup dessert made at the studio in the hotel, supervised by the pastry chef of the Chateraise-related hotel "Chateraise Gateaux Kingdom Sapporo" in Hokkaido. Put white chocolate biscuits in a cup, and layer raspberry white chocolate mousse, strawberry sauce with strawberry pulp, powdered sugar sponge, and lemon-flavored cream. A red chocolate pattern is attached to the side of the cup. The rich and sweet raspberry white chocolate mousse made with pure fresh cream from Hokkaido goes well with the refreshing lemon-flavored cream.

■ Hokkaido mascarpone used Large strawberry roll 194 yen

Chateraise "Strawberry Sweets"

A luxurious roll cake that uses only large and satisfying strawberries among the strawberries procured from strawberry farmers nationwide. Cream using Hokkaido mascarpone cheese that goes well with strawberries and large strawberries are wrapped in a softly baked sponge.

■ Strawberry milk pudding 129 yen

Chateraise "Strawberry Sweets"
Second from the right in the photo

Cup sweets made by squeezing sweet and sour strawberry sauce and whipped cream into a strawberry milk pudding with a gentle taste using fresh milk and strawberry puree from the Yatsugatake plateau. You can enjoy the taste of strawberry milk, which is also popular with children.

■ Using red beans from Hokkaido Strawberry Shiratama Anmitsu 302 yen

Chateraise "Strawberry Sweets"

Anmitsu is a combination of fresh strawberries, carefully selected home-cooked bean paste, agar made from Hakushu famous water, and colorful ingredients (strawberry compote, kiwifruit, whipped cream, shiratama, and salted beans made from red peas). You can enjoy a combination of agar with a crunchy texture, chewy white bean paste, red bean paste, whipped cream, and sweet and sour strawberries. Sprinkle the attached black honey if you like.

In addition, there are two types of "Strawberry Daifuku" (162 yen each), which is a combination of two types of strawberry varieties combined with home-cooked bean paste (grain bean paste and koshi bean paste), and "Asayo strawberry" with large strawberry sandwiched between plump strawberries. "Warabi Mochi" (140 yen) is on sale, and from January 15th, "Choco Bucky Skyberry" (75 yen per bottle), "Fruit Texture Bar Strawberry" (75 yen per bottle), " "Desert Chocolat Ball Beni Hoppe Strawberry" (367 yen), "DESSERT Monaca Strawberry Short" (from 151 yen per piece), and "Manmaru Strawberry Cake" (388 yen) will be on sale from January 20th.