20% off Kappa Sushi "Tuna Tsukushi" etc.

We carry out a campaign to get 20% off the To go of the target menu at Kappa Sushi. Limited time offer from January 9th to 31st. Limited to orders from the web and apps.

We recommend the hand-rolled sushi set that the whole family can enjoy, and the set that is full of luxurious and seasonal ingredients that can be selected according to the number of people. The lineup is suitable for both those who want to enjoy themselves slowly and luxuriously, and those who want to enjoy it with their families. Also this time around, the Uber Eats 20% off campaign will be held. * Only for stores eligible for Uber Eats

20% off campaign overview

Eligible receipt period: January 9th to January 31st Stores: All Kappa Sushi stores Discount target: Discounted menus ordered from Kappa Sushi's "Takeaway Web Reservation Site" or "Kappa Sushi Official App"

Target menu

Sale period: On sale-January 11th, winter special edition (1-6 servings)
・ Dodeka sushi tub (about 4 servings)

Sale period: January 13th-January 31st
・ New Year only set (1 to 3 servings)
· Resurrection! Family Manpuku Set

Sale period: On sale-January 31
・ Tuna Tsukushi (1 to 3 servings)
・ Salmon (1 to 3 servings)
・ Tuna salmon (1 to 3 servings)
・ Hand-rolled sushi set (about 3 servings)
・ Children's set


* Limited to orders from the online reservation site and Kappa Sushi official app * Only for items received from January 9th to January 31st * Cannot be used with other coupons