Atami pudding classic 6 kinds set

Atami pudding will prepare "Atami pudding standard 6 kinds set" for mail order at a special price. An assortment made with the issuance of a state of emergency. You can apply from the official website from January 8th to 31st.

It was planned so that people who can't go to Atami can enjoy it at home. A total of 3,620 yen worth of flavors, including 6 flavors that are especially popular in Atami pudding, will be put in, and the special price will be 3,000 yen. Furthermore, if you live in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, or Chiba, the shipping fee for cool flights is 1,144 yen free of charge.

In addition to the pudding, you will also receive a 500 yen shopping voucher that you can use at the 3 Atami pudding stores the next time you visit Atami. The ticket is valid for December 31, 2021. The details of the set contents are as follows.

・ Atami pudding with special caramel syrup ・ Atami pudding with Daidai sauce and Millennium Ida salt ・ Atami pudding with strawberry berry sauce ・ Shizuoka matcha pudding ・ Bath maju pudding berry berry
・ Furo Maju Pudding Espresso ・ Tenugui ・ Atami Pudding 500 yen Shopping voucher