Atami Purin "Atami Purin Support Box"

The pudding specialty store "Atami Purin" has started nationwide mail order of "Atami Purin Support Box" due to the temporary closure of the store. Orders are accepted on the official online shopping site.

Atami Pudding is currently temporarily closed for all stores following the state of emergency being issued nationwide. In the meantime, the "Atami Purin Support Box" was released in a limited quantity with a feeling of gratitude for the support from customers.

Atami Purin "Atami Purin Support Box"
Atami Purin Support Box

The "Atami Purin Support Box" is a collection of 4 types of Atami Purin, original miscellaneous goods, and a "free voucher" that can be used at stores when business is resumed. The price will be 4,000 yen (tax included) nationwide, including cool shipping and cash on delivery fees.

The detailed set contents are as follows.

Atami pudding with special caramel syrup (2) x 2
Atami pudding with Daidai sauce and 1000 years Ida salt (2 bottles) x 2
Atami pudding with strawberry berry sauce (2 bottles) x 2
Shizuoka Matcha Pudding with black beans and black honey (2 bottles) x 2
Atami pudding mobile phone strap (1) x 1
Atami pudding memo pad (1 book) x 1
Atami pudding exclusive BOX (2) Yellow and blue 1 free voucher (1 favorite Atami pudding will be presented the next time you visit the store)

The sale period is until 18:00 on May 6th. Please note that the expiration date of the pudding is 2-3 days from the date of arrival, so please be careful on the date of receipt.