"Atami pudding with special caramel syrup" "Deep sea pudding"

A limited number of dream sets containing popular puddings from the local puddings "Atami pudding" and "Numazu deep sea pudding studio", which are also popular in Shizuoka prefecture, will be sold on the direct-production EC site "Shizuoka Umachikubin". With special caramel syrup x 4 and deep sea pudding x 3, the price is 2,980 yen (tax included).

Suruga Bay facing Numazu Port is the deepest bay in Japan. "Numazu Deep Sea Pudding Studio" that expresses the deep sea with pudding and Atami Station, which has a retro Showa atmosphere, is a part of the shopping street, Atami pudding that started from a store of 6 tsubo. A limited number of local pudding sets with different concepts will be available.

Atami pudding with special caramel syrup

Atami Purin's "Atami Purin with special caramel syrup" is the most popular Atami pudding with a bittersweet caramel syrup on a very smooth and gentle sweetness pudding. The pudding in a bottle like a milk bottle and the caramel syrup are in the hippo's container. Only this set has Christmas specifications for Atami pudding.

Deep sea pudding

The melty, smooth pudding is topped with a refreshing ramune jelly. The refreshing jelly enhances the mellowness of the pudding, making it a delicious gem even when eaten. An impactful pudding suitable for the name "deep sea pudding".