Morinaga & Co., Ltd. "Darth Premium [Champagne]"
Special feeling unique to winter

Morinaga & Co.'s grain chocolate "Darth" brand will sell "Darth Premium [Champagne]" and "Yuzu's White Darth" for a limited time from January 12th. Both contain 12 tablets.

"Darth Premium [Champagne]" is a ganache-style chocolate that melts in your mouth and has a nice amount of champagne. It emphasizes the smoothness of the mouth, which is a characteristic of "dozen", and is finished in a taste that gives you a "moment of a little extravagant reward" along with the gorgeous scent of champagne. Uses Western liquor, alcohol content is less than 1%. The estimated price is 216 yen (tax included, same below).

Morinaga & Co., Ltd. "Darth Premium [Champagne]"
Darth Premium [Champagne]

On the other hand, "Yuzu White Dozen" is a creamy white chocolate with a refreshing scent of yuzu made from domestic yuzu powder that spreads softly in your mouth. The combination of yuzu and white chocolate, which is in season in winter, has a seasonal and novel taste that is suitable for a "relaxing and relaxing time". The estimated price is 162 yen.

Morinaga & Co. "Yuzu's White Darth"
Yuzu's white dozen