Cafe de Clie "Hot Lemonade with Ginger Sauce"

The drink menu "Hot Lemonade ~ with Ginger Sauce ~" and the food menu "Pasta Miyazaki Nichinan Dori Japanese Oil Sauce" will be on sale from each Cafe de Clie store on January 6th.

The new drink menu "Hot Lemonade ~ With Ginger Sauce ~" is a hot lemonade made by steaming and warming lemonade with lemon juice, and a glass of fresh lemon slices. By adding the attached ginger sauce to your liking, it will change to a slightly spicy taste, and it is a drink that warms up in the winter season. The price is 420 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below)

The new pasta menu "Miyazaki Nichinan Dori Japanese Oil Sauce" is a combination of freeze-dried soy sauce, sesame seeds, and fried garlic. Combined Japanese-style pasta. The oil sauce filled with the flavor of Japanese-style dashi and kelp enhances the aroma of seasoning. The price starts from 670 yen for a single item.

Cafe de Clie "Miyazaki Nichinan Dori Japanese Oil Sauce"