Floresta collaboration donuts Gudetama donuts

A collaboration donut with Sanrio character Gudetama "Floresta's collaboration donut Gudetama donut" will appear at the handmade donut specialty store Floresta.

Gudetama donuts

Gudetama is popular with both men and women of all ages because of its unmotivated weak character and unique appearance. It will be a Floresta donut early in the new year. Gudetama, but the yolk donuts have a "pumpkin flavor". Domestic pumpkin powder is kneaded into the special white chocolate to make a gudetama-colored donut.

Floresta collaboration donuts Gudetama donuts

A decoy set is also available. In addition to the two Gudetama donuts, Floresta's popular classic donuts are available. "I want to try various flavors first" This set is popular with people who are new to Floresta.

Floresta collaboration donuts Gudetama donuts

Product name: Floresta collaboration donut Gudetama Donut Type: Gudetama All 1 type Price: 450 yen per piece (excluding tax)
Over-the-counter sales period: January 9-24, 2021


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