Floresta "Rilakkuma Collaboration Christmas Donuts"

"Rilakkuma Collaboration Christmas Donuts" will be on sale at Floresta. Limited time offer from December 4th to 25th. Handled at stores and online stores.

Rilakkuma collaboration Christmas donuts

A very cute Rilakkuma collaboration donut from "Floresta", a store specializing in handmade donuts that sticks to natural materials.

Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori, which are extremely cute by craftsmen, are placed on the ring donuts, which have the image of a warm and fun Christmas city with glittering lights on a snowy night. With a Christmas tree star as an accent. No artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives or preservatives are used.

Floresta "Rilakkuma Collaboration Christmas Donuts"

Two types of Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori are available. The price is 486 yen each (tax included, at To go). The stores that handle it are as follows.

[Tohoku] Ishimaki R45 store [Kanto] Utsunomiya Heisei-dori store, Koenji store, Sangenchaya store, Gakugei University store, Hoya station square store, Soushiya Okura station square store, Kamakura store [Tokai] Hamamatsu Sanji store, Nonami station square store, Aeon Town Kagamihara store [Kansai] Nara main store, Horie store, Kita Hanada store, Kitchen Kodomo, Mita Woody Town store, Oji Park store [China] Yoneko store [Kyushu] Fujisaki store, Hirao store, Kumamoto Hikari no Mori store, Oita store, Oita station Ueno Moriguchi store, Oita Oita store [Okinawa] Shintoshin store