Konigs-Krone "Gyutto Hatsuyume Set 2021 Lucky Bag"
(* The source of the image is the official website of Konigs-Krone)

It was announced on the official website that Konigs-Krone's lucky bag "Gyutto Hatsume Set 2021 Lucky Bag" will be available only on the Internet. You can order from the official online shop.

The selling price is 10,800 yen (tax included, same below). At Konigs-Krone's official online shop, shipping is free for orders of ¥ 7,560 or more per shipping destination.

It is packed with classic and popular sweets, and among them, the illustration of the zodiac pattern is added to the sable "Small bear plain living in Kobe" only for the New Year. It also comes with an eco bag and a "Kumapochi Cushion" with more batting than before. Details are as follows.

・ Kobe living small bear plain (with illustration) × 3 ・ Small bear cocoa living in Kobe × 2 ・ Mini madeleine (cheese flavored pie) × 6 ・ Mini madeleine (chocolate) × 4 ・ Mini madeleine × 4 pieces ・ Mini kelpes (almond-flavored pie) x 6 pieces ・ Zakri Belgium (milk) x 2 pieces ・ Zakri Belgium (matcha) x 1 piece ・ Zakri Belgium (white) x 2 pieces ・ Honey Altena Double chocolate x 1 piece ・ Bear Pochipai (almond) x 2, bear Pochipai (caramel) x 2, madeleine x 4, crunch (fruit) x 2, crunch (kina flour) x 2, crunch (matcha) x 2, crunch (yuzu) × 1 ・ Crunch (milk) × 1 ・ Kumapochi Cushion × 1 ・ Eco bag × 1

A shopping bag that matches the product size is also included. In addition, it is not possible to bundle, wrap, or wrap with other sweets.