Kashiwaya Kurose "Kurose's Spice"

"Kurose Spice" sold by "Kashiwaya Kurose", a chicken specialty store in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. I actually tried using the seasoning, which is a hot topic in the streets, saying, "It goes well with meat and is delicious."

Kurose's spice

Ingredients include salt, pepper, soy sauce, red bell pepper, fried garlic, paprika, coriander, green bell pepper, parsley, onion powder, chili pepper, marjoram, oregano, basil, etc. Various spices are finely ground and mixed. The content of one bottle is 110g (3.88oz). I bought it at Amazon.co.jp and the price was 764 yen.

Kashiwaya Kurose "Kurose's Spice"

I tried using it

The label says "Beef, pork, chicken and fish" so that it matches both meat and fish. This time, I sprinkled chicken thighs and grilled them, and also fried vegetables such as cabbage and carrots. Only "Kurose spice" is seasoned. An appetizing scent drifts from the middle of baking. High expectations!

Kashiwaya Kurose Chicken with "Kurose's Spice"

It's delicious with a punch from the first bite! The spicy spiciness of pepper and chili peppers works in the saltiness. While creating a Japanese atmosphere with soy sauce, refreshing oregano and basil create a Western impression. With a complex taste that cannot be expressed in a single word, the pale chicken is finished with plenty of umami. Excellent compatibility with vegetables that have been heated to bring out their sweetness.

Stir-fried chicken with Kashiwaya Kurose "Kurose Spice"

Since the taste of the dish is determined only by "Kurose's spice", it is easy to do without the hassle of measuring and mixing multiple seasonings. It goes well with various ingredients, and if you have one in the kitchen, it will come in handy.