Mug & Pot Cup Tea Strawberry Dongfang Beauty Tea, White Peach Oolong Tea, White Grape Jasmine Tea

"Taiwanese tea" is gradually gaining popularity these days. I introduced Lawson's " MACHI cafe Taiwanese tea " the other day, but this time I will review the "Mug & Pot" brand Taiwanese tea purchased at the supermarket.

Mug & Pot Cup Tea

A product with a tea bag in a cup with a lid. The flavors are "Strawberry Dongfang Beauty Tea," "White Peach Oolong Tea," and "White Grape Jasmine Tea." All of them have gorgeous cup designs, and just holding them will raise your tension. The purchase price is 178 yen each.

Mug & Pot Cup Tea Strawberry Dongfang Beauty Tea

When drinking tea, just pour 250-300cc of boiling water and steam for about 3 minutes. It is kind that the cup has a 300cc scale written on it.

Mug & Pot Cup Tea Strawberry Dongfang Beauty Tea

I drank it

◆ Strawberry Dongfang meiren tea
A flavor that combines the scent of strawberry with the world-famous Dongfang meiren tea with a scent and light blue that is likened to champagne. The moment you eat it, it is filled with a mellow flavor. The scent of strawberries enhances the gorgeousness. Even if you drink it up, you can still soak in the sweet finish.

Mug & Pot Cup Tea Strawberry Dongfang Beauty Tea

◆ White peach oolong tea
We use "Dong Ding oolong tea" which is representative of Taiwanese tea. The fresh scent of white peach melts into the refreshing Dong Ding oolong tea. The aftertaste is slightly astringent. Perfect when you want to enjoy a fresh and refreshing taste.

Mug & Pot Cup Tea White Peach Oolong Tea

◆ White Grape Jasmine Tea
A flavor of Taiwanese tea "princess-like existence" jasmine tea with a muscat scent. The lovely scent of jasmine spreads, followed by a fruity muscat that pops the juice. As time goes by, the astringency comes out moderately, and the taste becomes sharp. It is also recommended to drink it with meals and snacks.

Mug & Pot Cup Tea White Grape Jasmine Tea

Taiwanese tea, which is more gorgeous due to the aroma of fruits, is ideal for relaxing. It seems fun to choose from 3 types according to the mood of the day.